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Dreamt is an AI-enabled journal app that facilitates dream recording and reflection.

Added on July 9, 2023


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Dreamt Features

Dreamt is a user-friendly journal app powered by AI that aids users in recording and reflecting on their dreams. With its comprehensive set of features, Dreamt simplifies the process of capturing dreams and provides valuable insights into the user's dream patterns.

Key Features:

  1. Text and Voice Dream Recording: Users can record their dreams using text or voice input.
  2. Dream Data Insights: Dreamt provides statistics and insights about dream data, including hours slept, number of dreams captured, and recurring entities.
  3. AI-Generated Story Images: The app generates visually captivating story images based on dream entries.
  4. Sentiment Analysis with SentiMojis: Automated sentiment analysis uses emojis (SentiMojis) to depict the emotional tone of dreams.
  5. Automated Tagging: Dreamt automatically identifies and tags names of people, places, companies, and organizations mentioned in dream entries.
  6. Backup to iCloud: Users can back up their dream entries to iCloud for secure storage and easy access across devices.
  7. Advanced Search: The app offers advanced search functionality to quickly locate specific dream entries or themes.
  8. Privacy-Focused: Dreamt does not track users or collect personal data, ensuring privacy and data security.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals interested in keeping a record of their dreams and exploring dream patterns.
  • Dream enthusiasts looking to reflect on the emotions and themes within their dreams.
  • People interested in visual representations of their dream narratives.
  • Those seeking a privacy-focused dream journaling app.

Dreamt is a valuable tool for anyone curious about their dream experiences. With its AI-powered features, convenient recording options, insightful data analysis, and privacy-focused approach, Dreamt provides a comprehensive platform for recording, reflecting on, and exploring the world of dreams.

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