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Discord Diffusion by Stability AI is a customizable and easy-to-install Discord bot that allows users to generate images via Stable Diffusion on their Discord servers.

Added on July 1, 2023

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Discord-diffusion Features

Discord Diffusion is a highly customizable and easily installable bot created by Stability AI. It integrates with Discord servers, allowing users to generate images via Stable Diffusion directly in their conversations.

Key Features:

  • Image Generation: The bot can generate images in response to the prompt '@Bot your image' that users input.
  • Customizability: With the integration of Autocode's API and serverless hosting platform, users can edit the bot using Autocode's web editor, enabling a high degree of customization.
  • Easy Installation: Installation is straightforward, requiring users to link their Discord bot credentials and their Stability AI credentials. Also, to ensure the bot responds to mentions, the Privileged Intents feature must be enabled.
  • Event Routing: Discord Diffusion utilizes Autocode's built-in Discord event routing to send specific events to designated files and then sends a placeholder message to Discord using the Discord API.
  • Integration with Stability AI's API: The bot communicates with Stability AI's API to generate images based on the user's input and the set default parameters.
  • Support Channels: Users can reach out for support on Autocode's official Discord server or directly via email.

Use Cases:

  • Enhance your Discord server's capabilities by generating images in response to user prompts.
  • Customize your bot according to specific needs through Autocode's web editor.
  • Experiment with different prompts and models via the Stability AI API for unique image generation.
  • Connect the Stability AI API with other applications such as Twitter, Slack, and Email to expand its functionalities.

With Discord Diffusion, you can take your server conversations to the next level by integrating innovative AI capabilities. This tool offers a fun and interactive way to generate and share images directly on your Discord server.

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