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An AI-powered tool for generating rap lyrics.

Added on November 6, 2015

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DeepBeat | Featured on Futurepedia

DeepBeat Features

DeepBeat is an innovative AI platform designed to generate rap lyrics using machine learning techniques. It cleverly merges lines from existing rap songs, making sure the resulting lyrics are coherent and the lines rhyme.

The tool also provides several key features:

  • Keyword Integration: Users can input keywords, such as "birthday" or "truth", to create more personalized and relevant content.
  • Manual Line Addition: Users can choose to generate entire lyrics automatically or manually add lines by using the "Suggest (Rhyming) Line" buttons or writing their own lines.
  • Setting and Keyword Editing: Users can modify settings and include keywords through the user-friendly interface.
  • DeepBeat was devised by Eric Malmi, Stephen Fenech, and Pyry Takala. The tool has attracted attention from major media outlets such as Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and Mashable, demonstrating its unique capacity for generating creative content.

For developers and tech-savvy individuals, DeepBeat's source code is readily available on GitHub, allowing for further customization and exploration.

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