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Verify the accuracy and authenticity of online information.

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Updated 02/24/2024

Debunkd is your go-to tool for fact-checking and image detection, designed to empower users in the battle against misinformation online. It offers both a browser extension and a web app, making it accessible for various online activities.

Key Features and Capabilities:

  • AI Fact Checker: Utilizes advanced AI technology for real-time fact-checking, cross-referencing statements with credible sources, and providing reliable information sources.
  • AI Image Detector: Distinguishes between AI-generated and human-generated images by analyzing properties, patterns, and metadata, offering a percentage likelihood of authenticity.
  • Combatting Misinformation: Ideal for verifying trending news, differentiating real photos from AI-generated ones, and ensuring information accuracy, even from sources like ChatGPT.

User Benefits:

  • Accuracy Verification: Prevents users from falling for fake news and stories on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.
  • Image Authenticity: Helps users discern between real and AI-generated images on platforms like Instagram.
  • Trustworthy Information: Ensures that information obtained, including from AI sources, is accurate and reliable.

How It Works:

Debunkd enables users to input information for fact-checking, with AI analyzing the data and cross-referencing it with reputable sources. Users receive a detailed result summary, including the fact-checking process and sources. For image detection, users can upload or link an image for analysis, with results indicating authenticity likelihood.


Debunkd is your AI-powered ally in the fight against misinformation and for the promotion of critical thinking online. With its fact-checking and image detection capabilities, it empowers users to verify the accuracy and authenticity of online content, images, and responses. Trust in the information you encounter with Debunkd.

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Rated 5 out of 5


Moyo T.

Great and useful tool!

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