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Dataiku is the world’s leading platform for Everyday AI, systemizing the use of data for exceptional business results.

Added on October 31, 2023

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Dataiku Features

Dataiku is a leading platform for Everyday AI, providing a comprehensive suite of features for data preparation, visualization, machine learning, DataOps, MLOps, and analytic apps. It is designed for scalability and includes capabilities for collaboration, governance, explainability, architecture, security, and extensibility.

Key Features:

  • Data Preparation: Connect to, cleanse, and prepare data at scale with both visual and coding interfaces.
  • Machine Learning: Accelerate model building with Dataiku AutoML and a guided framework or go custom with code.
  • Extensibility: Expand Dataiku’s native capabilities with plugins and custom applications for more impact.
  • MLOps: Deploy, monitor, and maintain machine learning models, all in a single platform.
  • Governance: Safely scale AI with oversight, and prioritize the data projects and machine learning models that deliver the most value.
  • Generative AI: Build real and safe Generative AI applications at enterprise scale.

Industry Solutions:

Dataiku offers tailored solutions for various industries including banking, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail & CPG, insurance, and more. It also provides solutions for different departments such as marketing, logistics & supply chain, finance & audit.

Use Cases:

  • Standard Chartered Bank replaced spreadsheet-based processes with governed self-service analytics, increasing analyst productivity by a factor of 30.
  • Vestas used Dataiku to build a tool that is expected to reduce express shipment costs by 11-36%.
  • Action saw a 900% improvement on forecast runtime, going from a spreadsheets-based guesstimate to 88% accuracy on a 52-week forecast with Dataiku.


Dataiku has partnerships with major cloud providers including AWS, Snowflake, Microsoft, and Google Cloud. In fact, Dataiku was named Snowflake’s Data Science Partner of the Year.


A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dataiku reported a 423% return on investment and a payback period of fewer than 6 months. Moreover, Dataiku received a 4.8 rating out of 5 based on 149 ratings as of July 2023 in the Multipersona Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms Market.

Additional Resources:

Dataiku also offers a range of resources including customer stories, web series, podcasts, and a blog featuring articles on a wide range of topics related to AI and data science.

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