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Updated 02/24/2024
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DataChat AI is a cloud-based natural language analytics tool designed to simplify data science and analytics tasks for users with little or no coding experience.

AI Categories: research, low-code/no-code

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Freemium, $75/mo
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DataChat AI is an innovative cloud-based platform that aims to streamline data science and analytics tasks, making them accessible to users with limited coding experience. The tool features an intuitive point-and-click interface combined with powerful generative AI technology, allowing users to carry out data science functions and produce actionable insights without writing complex Python or SQL code.

Key Features:

  1. Generative AI Technology: Simplify data science functions without complex coding.
  2. Natural Language Interface: Interact with the platform through chat interactions.
  3. Transparency and Editability: Transparently document analysis steps in plain English and easily edit them.
  4. Collaboration and Sharing: Enable paired-navigation for co-driving analysis with collaborators.
  5. Scalability and Cost-Savings: Cloud-based platform offers scalability and cost-efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • Data Analysis: Simplify data analysis tasks for users with limited coding experience.
  • Insight Generation: Empower users to generate insightful answers without complex code.
  • Collaborative Analytics: Facilitate collaboration and sharing of insights among team members.

DataChat AI offers a powerful and accessible solution for data science and analytics, allowing users to perform complex tasks without writing intricate code. Its user-friendly interface, generative AI capabilities, and transparent documentation make it an ideal platform for users of all skill levels.

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