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Updated 01/19/2024
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Bring ChatGPT and AI Workflows to your Work Chat.

AI Categories: productivity, personal assistant

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Freemium, $2.50/mo.
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DailyBot is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance workflows and communication within team chat platforms. Key features and advantages include:

  • Integration: Compatible with Slack, Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Discord
  • Versatile features: Automated workflows, surveys, peer recognition, mood tracking, and more
  • AI capabilities: Quickly process and analyze data, provide accurate answers, and prioritize tasks
  • Solution kits: Tailored for specific team functions, such as daily standups, remote work, marketing, and social wellness

Use cases for DailyBot are ideal for various teams:

  • Startups and large corporations seeking to streamline communication and improve workflows
  • Remote teams aiming to enhance collaboration and productivity
  • Project managers looking to simplify task prioritization and deadline tracking

Overall, DailyBot offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing team communication and productivity across a range of chat platforms.

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