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Product Information is an innovative music search and tagging engine that empowers users to maximize the potential of their music catalogs

Added on July 24, 2023

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Social Links | Featured on Futurepedia Features is an AI-powered music search and tagging engine that unlocks the value of users' music catalogs. With lightning-fast tagging and a revolutionary similarity search, users can find the right music content for any use case. The tool offers personalized song recommendations, data-driven graphical interfaces, and keyword cleaning to boost catalog searchability.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Music Categorization: Quickly categorize millions of songs for efficient music catalog management.
  2. 60x Faster Tagging: Dramatically speed up the tagging process compared to manual methods.
  3. 99.4% Cost Reduction: Cost-effective solution for music catalog management.
  4. Audio-Based Similarity Search: Find songs with similar sound and feel as a reference track.
  5. Keyword Search with 1,500 Keywords: Filter and combine keywords for precise music exploration.
  6. Sync Briefs and Sound Branding Projects: Discover the perfect music matches for specific projects.

Use Cases:

  • Music Catalog Management: Organize and categorize large music catalogs efficiently.
  • Sync Briefs and Sound Branding: Find the ideal music matches for creative projects. empowers users to harness the power of AI for music catalog management and exploration. With rapid music tagging, accurate Similarity Search, and the innovative Keyword Search, users can deliver the right music content for any project, whether it's sync briefs, sound branding, or any other creative endeavor. Reviews

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