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Added on June 13, 2023

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ConvoStack Features

ConvoStack is a free and open-source full-stack framework that allows developers to easily embed a customizable AI ChatBot widget into a website. It supports plain English support conversations powered by the LangChain framework and integrates with popular frameworks like Express, React, Redis, and GraphQL.

Key Features:

  • Embeddable AI ChatBot Widget: Easily embed a customizable AI ChatBot widget into a website.
  • Plain English Support Conversations: Enable support conversations in plain English, powered by the LangChain framework.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrates with popular frameworks like Express, React, Redis, and GraphQL.
  • TypeScript Support: Built entirely with TypeScript, providing full-stack type-safety and a better developer experience.
  • Sleek and Customizable UI: Offers a sleek and customizable React component for the AI ChatBot widget interface.
  • Redis Integration: Utilizes Redis for efficient and responsive chatbot conversations.
  • GraphQL Capabilities: Efficiently retrieves and manipulates data from the AI ChatBot's backend using GraphQL.
  • Community Support: Provides a community Discord server and GitHub repository for support and collaboration.

Use Cases:

  • Customer Support: Enhance customer support on a website by integrating an AI ChatBot widget.
  • Conversational Interfaces: Create conversational interfaces for various applications or platforms.
  • Developer Productivity: Boost developer productivity by leveraging the ConvoStack framework's seamless integration and TypeScript support.

ConvoStack is a powerful framework that empowers developers to embed AI ChatBot widgets into websites with ease.

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