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Optimized real-time sales call assistance.

Added on May 22, 2023

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Colibri.AI is a real-time conversation intelligence software designed to help sales teams improve their sales calls, enhance coaching, and gain valuable insights from call analytics. It also offers features for legal and transcription purposes.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Triggered Live Cue Cards: Provides real-time guidance and prompts for sales reps during calls.
  2. Data-Driven Coaching: Offers insights and coaching based on call analytics to enhance sales performance.
  3. Call Analytics: Provides comprehensive analytics and metrics to track and analyze call performance.
  4. Record, Transcribe, and Organize: Enables recording, transcription, and organization of sales calls in a searchable library.
  5. AI Meeting Summaries: Automatically generates meeting summaries, identifying key points and customer questions.
  6. Competitor Battle Cards: Real-time battle cards for competitor mentions and objection handling.
  7. Smart Checklists: Guides sales reps in following talk tracks and holding high-quality meetings.
  8. Conversation Intelligence: Provides insights into trending topics and market signals for data-driven selling strategies.
  9. Team Performance Analytics: Measures key metrics related to script adherence, talk-to-listen ratio, and customer sentiment.

Use Cases:

  • Sales Call Optimization: Colibri.AI helps sales teams improve their sales calls, enhance customer interactions, and close more deals.
  • Call Analytics and Performance Tracking: The platform provides comprehensive call analytics and performance metrics for sales teams to measure and track their performance.
  • Meeting Transcription and Organization: Colibri enables users to record, transcribe, and organize sales calls, creating a searchable library for future reference.
  • Legal and Transcription Applications: The features of Colibri, such as transcription and call organization, can be utilized in legal and transcription contexts.

Colibri.AI is a valuable tool for sales teams looking to leverage conversation intelligence to improve their sales calls and drive better outcomes.

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