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Static application security testing (SAST) solution, powered by AI, designed to provide accurate code analysis with minimal false positives.

Added on August 26, 2023


Paid plans start from $10/mo

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CodeThreat Features

Welcome to CodeThreat, the AI-powered solution that revolutionizes code security. With CodeThreat's advanced static application security testing (SAST) capabilities, you can ensure your code is robust and secure without the hassle of false positives.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Integration: CodeThreat effortlessly integrates into your development pipeline, making secure coding an organic part of the process.
  2. Wide Language Support: From Python to Java, CodeThreat supports a broad spectrum of programming languages, simplifying security for diverse development teams.
  3. Real-Time Insights: Experience real-time reporting that grants immediate visibility into your code's security status, enabling quick remediation of potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Accessible Design: CodeThreat's intuitive interface caters to team members with varying levels of technical expertise, ensuring everyone can contribute to code security.
  5. Advanced AI Detection: Utilizing advanced AI capabilities and dataflow analysis strategies, CodeThreat meticulously identifies potential vulnerabilities.
  6. Focused on Accuracy: CodeThreat's emphasis on reducing false positives ensures that the insights you receive are accurate and actionable.
  7. Swift Scanning: Save time without code compilation. Scan your projects in as little as 5 minutes, boosting efficiency in your development process.
  8. Free Trial: Explore the power of CodeThreat risk-free with our free trial, discovering how AI can enhance your code security strategy.

User Benefits:

  • Precision and Efficiency: CodeThreat's AI-powered analysis ensures accurate detection of vulnerabilities with minimal false positives, streamlining your security efforts.
  • Integration Ease: Seamlessly integrate CodeThreat into your development process, promoting secure coding as a natural practice.
  • Real-Time Response: Stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities with real-time reporting, enabling swift and effective security responses.
  • Inclusivity: CodeThreat's user-friendly design accommodates both technical and non-technical team members, fostering collaboration.
  • AI Excellence: Leverage advanced AI capabilities for in-depth code analysis that helps safeguard your applications.
  • Time Savings: Scan your code in minutes, enhancing productivity without compromising security.
  • Risk-Free Exploration: Try CodeThreat risk-free through our free trial, experiencing the advantages of AI-driven code security firsthand.


CodeThreat is your gateway to AI-powered code security, offering precise analysis with minimal false positives. Seamlessly integrated into your development pipeline, CodeThreat supports a range of languages and provides real-time insights for quick vulnerability resolution. With user accessibility, advanced AI capabilities, and a commitment to accuracy, CodeThreat empowers your team to confidently enhance code security. Discover the power of CodeThreat with our free trial and experience the future of code security today.

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