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CodeMate AI Features

CodeMate is an AI-powered coding assistant that offers the following features, advantages, and use cases:

  • Error fixing: CodeMate helps you fix errors in your code with just a click of a button.
  • Code review: It can do the entire code review, ensuring that your code is optimized and error-free.
  • Code optimization: CodeMate can optimize your code to make it more efficient.
  • Custom-trained LLMs: CodeMate's custom-trained LLMs on synthetic datasets offer capabilities beyond ChatGPT.
  • Secure: CodeMate is fully secured and never reads or stores your codebase for any training purpose.
  • Web IDE and VS Code extension: CodeMate has its own AI-powered Web IDE and a VS Code extension, so you can experience all the features without leaving your environment.

CodeMate can be used by developers to improve their coding productivity, ensure code quality, and optimize their code. It is a valuable tool for both individual developers and teams working on software projects.

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