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Updated 01/21/2024
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AI-powered Avatars for Enhanced Customer Experience

AI Categories: 3D, avatars, customer support

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CodeBaby’s avatars utilize more than artificial intelligence – they use emotional intelligence – making it easier and more effective to serve your customers.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility: WCAG compliant interfaces, improves website accessibility standards
  • Animation: Large library of gestures and facial expressions, real-time animation engine for a more engaging experience
  • Video Output: Integrate animated characters into static content, export avatar scenes as transparent WebM videos
  • Personalization: Integration with internal systems or third-party tools for context-aware and personalized customer interactions

Use Cases:

  • E-Learning Avatars: Improve engagement and retention for students
  • Form Completion: Increase form completion rates by assisting users
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Provide empathy and support for better patient outcomes
  • FAQ Avatar: Quickly deliver relevant information to customers

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