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Seamlessly integrates with WhatsApp, enhancing productivity, creativity, and knowledge within the familiar messaging platform.

Added on September 4, 2023


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Ciel Chat Features

Elevate your WhatsApp experience with, the ultimate AI companion designed to empower you in three core areas: productivity, creativity, and knowledge. Developed by Maël, bridges the gap between users and complex AI technologies, making AI an effortless part of your everyday life.

Key Features and Modes:

  • Productivity Mode: Boost your efficiency with chat and scribe modes. Manage tasks, transcribe voice messages, and summarize texts seamlessly within WhatsApp, saving you valuable time.
  • Creativity Mode: Unleash your artistic side with artist mode. Generate unique AI-created art through text, voice, or image references. Customize your creations with various presets for endless creative possibilities.
  • Knowledge Mode: Broaden your horizons with chat and translator modes. Facilitate language learning, explore new topics, and discover places with AI-driven learning capabilities, like having a personal tutor in your pocket.
  • Seamless WhatsApp Integration: Enjoy the convenience of AI capabilities directly within WhatsApp. No need for additional installations or external apps. Rest assured, maintains end-to-end encryption for your privacy and security.

User Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Accomplish tasks more efficiently with AI-powered productivity features.
  • Creativity: Explore new artistic horizons and express your creativity with AI-generated art.
  • Knowledge: Expand your knowledge, learn languages, and explore new topics effortlessly.
  • Privacy: Trust in end-to-end encryption to keep your interactions private and secure.

Summary: is your AI-powered companion for WhatsApp, enhancing your productivity, creativity, and knowledge. With seamless integration and end-to-end encryption, it's the perfect tool to simplify tasks, unleash your creativity, and expand your horizons. Elevate your WhatsApp experience with and discover the limitless possibilities of AI at your fingertips. Visit the website for pricing details and terms.

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