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Add voice-to-text and shortcut snippets to ChatGPT.

Added on May 11

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ChatGPT Microphone Features

ChatGPT Microphone is a handy Google Chrome extension that enhances ChatGPT's experience by enabling users to incorporate voice-to-text and shortcut snippets in their conversations.

Key Features:

  • Voice-to-text integration: Seamlessly convert speech to text with the integrated microphone button.
  • Shortcut Snippets: Insert custom phrases into conversations through designated keywords.
  • Dark and light mode: The tool comes with a dark and light mode that perfectly matches ChatGPT's interface.

Use Cases:

• Enhance productivity with voice-to-text integration and shortcut snippets.

• Improve ChatGPT experience with a seamlessly integrated microphone button.

• Customize conversations with Shortcut Snippets.

• Use ChatGPT Microphone with Google Chrome for the best experience.

ChatGPT Microphone is an essential tool for ChatGPT users who want to enhance their experience and improve productivity with voice-to-text integration and shortcut snippets.

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