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Customized sleep coaching for optimal wellness.

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Updated 02/24/2024

Powered by an artificial intelligence named Supercentenarian, Centenarian collects and analyzes users' sleep data using advanced data science algorithms to provide insights and suggestions for better sleep quality.

Key Features:

  • Personalized sleep recommendations: Centenarian offers personalized recommendations based on users' sleep data, such as adjusting caffeine intake or using melatonin for improved sleep.
  • Sleep environment optimization: The AI coach can remind users to adjust room temperature, humidity, and lighting for a better sleeping environment.
  • Biometric tracking and analysis: Centenarian tracks biometrics and learns from correlations between sleep data and factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting.
  • Science-based insights and suggestions: Informed by the expertise and experience of its team in wellness, performance, and longevity optimization, Centenarian provides insights and suggestions to maximize users' wellness potential.

Use Cases:

  • Optimize sleep quality and duration with personalized recommendations.
  • Improve sleep environment for better rest and recovery.
  • Track and analyze biometrics to identify patterns and correlations.
  • Receive science-based insights and suggestions to maximize wellness potential.

Please note that Centenarian is for general informational purposes only, and medical advice should be obtained from a physician before making any changes to one's sleep protocols.

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