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Instantly Craft Tailored Cover Letters via LinkedIn

Added on October 16, 2023


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CareerPen Features

Say goodbye to cover letter crafting woes with CareerPen, the AI-powered browser extension designed to streamline your job application process. It seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn, offering a cover letter generation button for every job post. In a single click, CareerPen generates a custom cover letter, aligning your skills and experience with job requirements.

Key Features:

  1. LinkedIn Integration: Easily access CareerPen's cover letter generation for LinkedIn job postings.
  2. AI-Powered: AI analyzes job posts and your LinkedIn profile to create compelling, tailored cover letters.
  3. Time Efficiency: Apply for multiple jobs daily without the hours-long cover letter writing process.

Upcoming Features: CareerPen is actively developing a new feature, allowing users to generate responses to HR survey questions during LinkedIn's Quick Apply process, streamlining high-quality applications even further.

Summary: CareerPen is your ultimate solution for crafting personalized cover letters. By integrating seamlessly with LinkedIn, it saves you valuable time while ensuring tailored cover letters for each job application. Select from flexible pricing options and access a bright future with your ideal job, thanks to CareerPen's efficiency.

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