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Convenient Q&A resource for webpages.

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Updated 06/10/2024

Browse GPT is an innovative tool designed to enhance users' browsing experience by providing contextual information, answers, summaries, and prompts directly within the webpage they are viewing.

Key Features:

  1. Contextual Information: Receive answers, summaries, and prompts directly related to the content of the webpage being viewed.
  2. On-Page AI Assistance: Ask questions and seek information without leaving the webpage, increasing productivity and saving time.
  3. JavaScript Requirement: Enable JavaScript in the browser settings to utilize Browse GPT's features effectively.
  4. Efficient Information Gathering: Obtain quick and relevant information without navigating to other windows or tabs.
  5. Tailored Responses: AI-generated responses are contextual and specifically related to the content being viewed.
  6. Early Bird License: Option to purchase a lifetime license at an early bird price.
  7. Seamless Activation Process: Buyers will receive an email with instructions for activating the tool.

Use Cases:

  • Gather information and answers within the context of the webpage being viewed.
  • Increase productivity and save time by obtaining quick and relevant information without leaving the webpage.
  • Enhance the browsing experience by receiving contextual summaries and prompts related to the content being viewed.
  • Streamline the process of seeking information by eliminating the need to navigate to other windows or tabs.

Browse GPT is the ultimate AI-powered companion for browsing, providing users with on-page assistance, relevant information, and contextual answers.

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