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Updated 01/24/2024
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BladeRunner.AI is a browser extension that helps users identify AI-generated text by highlighting it on webpages, allowing for quick detection of fake product reviews, comments, and articles.

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BladeRunner.AI is a powerful browser extension designed to assist users in identifying text generated by GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models. By leveraging the capabilities of the extension, users can easily detect and highlight AI-generated text, helping them identify fake product reviews, comments, articles, and other content.

Key Features:

  1. Text Highlighting: BladeRunner.AI highlights AI-generated text on webpages for easy identification.
  2. Compatibility: The extension is available for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, enabling users to utilize it on various browsers.
  3. Confidence Score: BladeRunner.AI utilizes a confidence score to rate the likelihood of text being generated by AI, aiding in detection.
  4. Examples of Malicious Content: The tool provides examples of potential malicious content, such as fake product reviews and fake news, to enhance user awareness.

Use Cases:

  • Consumer Protection: BladeRunner.AI helps users identify fake product reviews, comments, and articles, protecting consumers from misleading information.
  • Content Accuracy: Organizations can utilize BladeRunner.AI to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of their content, safeguarding their reputation.

BladeRunner.AI is an essential tool for identifying AI-generated text and promoting transparency and trustworthiness in online content.

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