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Boost growth with AI & web3 incentives: users, community, brand, revenue.

Added on August 2, 2023

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Bitbaza Features

Welcome to Bitbaza, the ultimate platform that turbocharges your growth with cutting-edge AI tools and web3 incentives. Whether you're a startup founder, a content creator, or a crypto project, Bitbaza empowers you to reach new heights in user engagement, brand visibility, and revenue. With three powerful modules and a revolutionary content distribution engine, let's explore how Bitbaza can supercharge your growth journey.

Key Features:

  • Distribution Module: Leverage AI Social Monitoring and Engagement to identify relevant conversations and engage with your target audience across multiple platforms. Conduct Multi-channel Outreach on eight different channels and reward influencers for content distribution. Take advantage of the Content Distribution Engine, combining RPA and human networks for maximum reach.
  • AI Social Monitoring and Engagement: Pinpoint meaningful discussions, engage your audience on various platforms, and incentivize users to spread the word about your brand. Achieve omni-presence online by engaging with users where they are most active.
  • Multi-Channel Outreach and Payouts CRM: Automate outreach on Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. Efficiently track leads, conversations, and tasks on user-friendly Kanban boards. Manage referral fees, commissions, and payouts effortlessly through the CRM.

Use Cases:

  • Startups and Businesses: Accelerate user acquisition, engage with potential partners and investors, and expand brand awareness through multi-channel outreach and content distribution.
  • Content Creators: Reach a wider audience with AI-driven content engagement and incentivize influencers to share your creations, boosting your online presence and follower base.
  • Crypto and DeFi Projects: Enhance community growth and visibility with AI-powered social engagement, and expand your network through targeted outreach and distribution strategies.

With Bitbaza, the possibilities for growth are limitless. Say goodbye to traditional growth hurdles and unlock the true potential of your projects today. Are you ready to harness the power of AI and web3 incentives for your growth journey? Let's get started with Bitbaza!

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