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Auto-generates image descriptions for stock photos.

Added on June 14, 2023


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AI Keywording Tool Features

Pixify's AI Keywording Tool is a free and efficient solution that helps stock photographers save time by automating the process of generating titles, descriptions, and keywords for their images.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Image Recognition: Utilize AI-powered image recognition technology to extract relevant keywords from uploaded images.
  • Automated Title and Description Generation: Generate accurate and descriptive titles and descriptions for images in seconds.
  • Free to Use: Access the AI Keywording Tool without any cost.
  • Privacy and Data Security: Pixify ensures user privacy by not storing any data on their servers.
  • Video Support: Extend the tool's capabilities to handle video files of any resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Customizable Integration: Integrate the tool with Shopify and customize it to fit specific needs.
  • Fast Data Availability: Store data on Amazon S3 cloud storage for fast and instant availability.

Use Cases:

  • Stock Photographers: Streamline the process of generating titles, descriptions, and keywords for stock images.
  • Ecommerce Platforms: Enhance product listings with accurate and descriptive titles and descriptions.
  • Video Content Creators: Optimize the discoverability of video content through automated metadata generation.

Save time and enhance the discoverability of your stock images with Pixify's AI Keywording Tool. Leverage the power of AI to generate accurate titles, descriptions, and keywords effortlessly.

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