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Effortlessly Create Courses with Mini Course Generator

Added on April 15


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Mini.Course Features

Mini Course Generator's AI Course Creator is a unique solution for creating comprehensive micro-learning journeys. Key features and advantages include:

  • The first & only solution that creates a highly accurate, comprehensive ready-to-share mini-course
  • Multiple stages to guide the AI-Assistant for an extremely satisfying result
  • Customization options to edit and enrich the content with questions, surveys, images, videos, and PDFs
  • Especially beneficial for professionals in the knowledge business (coaches, consultants, online course creators, community managers, HR executives, training providers, etc.) to save time and energy
  • Mini-courses work great for educational materials, lead generation, onboarding, lead nurturing, accepting payment, and even on LinkedIn via carousels

Use Cases:

  • Coach needs micro-learning journey - Mini Course Generator's AI Course Creator streamlines the process.
  • Online course creator needs educational material - Mini Course Generator's AI Course Creator automates content creation.
  • Training provider needs onboarding materials - Mini Course Generator's AI Course Creator creates comprehensive mini-courses.

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The first-ever AI-powered course creator for personalized learning


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